About Us

Wonder Paradise
Wonder Paradise is a multi-national firm focusing on Media, Event, Marketing, Entertainment, and Production Services. We specialize in creating and conceptualizing events with our talents and network from our office in Cambodia as well as offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam. We seek to build a collaborative ecosystem by leveraging our expertise and contacts within the media, entertainment, and partners’ platforms.

Why Expansion
Our high rate of expansion is in an effort to grow our presence in Asia as the number 1 Talent Platform agency with all our strategic partners and various multi-industry stakeholders who are a testament to the high quality of work and professionalism that we guarantee.
This has resulted in an immense increase in clientele that seek to make use of our services, therefore making such rapid growth a necessity in order to manage the increase in demand and maintain the quality of work that we consistently deliver.

Why Asia

Asia is booming. This is a fact undisputed that the tremendous growth in Asia has shifted the global attention from the West to the East as many countries and businesses begin to divert resources and energy into developing themselves for accelerated growth with Asia as their fertile foundation.

Wonder Paradise seeks to leverage upon our blend of East and West identities through network, local expertise and world class quality control to bring our clients impeccable service for the best results.